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    First time on DVD and bundled together for one incredibly low price!
    Rediscover the brutally effective close-combat system taught by the U.S. Navy during World War II with these exclusive reprints of two all-time combat classic videos.
    The first disc in this package, Hand-to-Hand Combat by Wesley Brown of the U.S. Navy, presents, in their entirety, the classic U.S. Navy Bureau of Aeronautics V-Five training films Hand to Hand Combat in Three Parts. Essentially a live-action version of the U.S. Naval Institute's Hand-to-Hand Combat Manual (also available from Paladin Press), these films present step-by-step instruction in the rough-and-tumble, combat-proven hand-to-hand system that was the close-combat standard for the navy during World War II.
    Wesley Brown personally demonstrates every aspect of this full-service fighting system, including its basic fighting stances, strikes and kicks; defenses against grabs, strangles and body locks; throws and joint locks; and defenses from the ground. With a thorough grounding in hand-to-hand fighting, he then presents a complete course in counter-weapon tactics, including defenses against knife and club attacks and disarming techniques against handguns, rifles and even mounted bayonets.
    The additional disc in this package, The USMC Combat Conditioning Series, is another combative "blast from the past." Also available for the first time on DVD, this is the U.S. Marine Corps' original training films on knife, club and bayonet fighting. It includes complete courses in the classic style of fighting with a mounted bayonet as well as military club and knife fighting. It also presents a variety of dirty tricks that Marines used when facing an enemy armed with a stick or knife

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