• Handbook of Clinical Health Psychology, Volume 2: Disorders of Behavior and Health

    Magination Press (American Psychological Association, APA)

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  • Description

    The second volume of the three-volume Handbook of Clinical Health Psychology examines the behavioral factors that affect both disease outcomes and health promotion. The volume posits that the use of a public health model might create more integrated and coordinated primary risk reduction approaches in health care. Leading clinicians and researchers discuss risk factors, methods for risk reduction, the maintenance of health, and adaptation to health and disease. This practical sourcebook will be an invaluable reference for health psychologists and medical professionals. The Handbook of Clinical Health Psychology is both comprehensive and specific as it relates to the entire field of health psychology. Topics in Volume 1 explore the role of behavior and psychology in a wide range of medical disorders, and use the ICD-9 diagnostic classification as a basis. Volume 3 examines the models and theories that psychologists use to provide heuristic paradigms for health psychology. This set could be used as an encyclopedia, a manual, or a comprehensive text. It is meant to encompass a newly developing, rapidly expanding, scientifically validating, and clinically recognized area concerned with human health and health care delivery.

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