• Hang Tags Starter Kit


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    Even with all the technological wizardry available today, some office "systems" remain steadfast, unchanged and perfectly functional; like hanging file folders.  But you can toss out all those little plastic hang tabs with their annoyingly small paper inserts because Jokari has come up with something so amazing it's absolutely an office "must-have."  Jokari's Label Once Erasable Hang Tabs Starter Kit comes complete with 20 laminated hang tabs that are designed to fit into the vertical slots of standard hanging file folders, feature an integrated hinge for adjusting the view angle of the tab and allow any color of ink from any permanent marker to be easily and completely erased.  The kit also includes a Label Once permanent ink eraser and 1 ultra-fine permanent marker.  And, just in case you're prone to lots of erasures (or have lots of hanging files) refill packs of Jokari Label Once Erasers and Label Once Hang Tabs are also available on Amazon.  For over 40 years, Jokari has held a special place in its heart for gadgets; today, they specialize in providing affordable solutions to common problems faced by consumers.  From unique kitchen gadgets and household storage and organization solutions to their Healthy Steps kitchen tools designed to help with portion control and healthy eating, Jokari is committed to creating useful and often crazy looking "thingamajigs" that are fun, functional and work wonders.

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