• Harsch 10 Ltr Fermenting Crock Pot

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    Features & Specifications The Miracle Fermenting Crock Pot - Quick, Easy and Quality! The Harsch / Gartopf fermenting crock pot is a quality crafted piece which is imported from Germany. Easily make nutrition packed sauerkraut, pickled vegetables and so much more. The patented Harsch crock-pot is a beautiful stoneware piece and is fired at 1200 degrees Celsius and finished with a lead free glaze. This crock includes a ceramic cover which fits perfectly over the top and has a special cast gutter in the rim creating a seamless airlock. Gases from the fermentation can escape easily but air is not able to enter. Many other crock-pots can create a pasty white kahm yeast, this one doesn't! Suitable for all types of vegetables like:Cabbages, Cucumbers, Carrots, Pumpkins, Beans, Onions, Celery, Peppers, and more! In just 4-6 weeks you can have delicious fermented veggies in your home! Features: Quality constructed - easy to use. Imported from Germany. Can ferment up 10 liters of vegetables (2 3/4 Gallons) at a time. Use of ceramic weight stones eliminates mold. Clever water sealing system allows gases to escape. No air let in. Lead free. Made of ceramic clay. Simple instructions are included Specifications: Model Harcsh 10 Liter Crock PotCapacity10 Liters / 2.75 Gallons. Built of Made of ceramic lead free clay. Warranty One Year

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