• HeadBlade TravelShell


  • $2.90

  • Description

    Some could argue it took HeadBlade forever to come out with the TravelShell for many reasons, including: a) They're so busy they don't travel. b) They have plenty of HeadBlades, so if one breaks, they just grab another. c) They treat there HeadBlades like royalty and have nice padded personalized travel compartments for them. d) They're lazy and just didn't make one. In all honesty answers a,b, and d are pretty much correct; no one there has a personalized travel case, though Todd did use a small camera bag for his traveling HeadBlade for quite some time and found it to work perfectly. Hence the new HeadBlade TravelShell looks and feels like a nice ruggeed-camera-bag-inspired HeadBlade case. Pretty simple. The little webbed net will hold a HeadSlick sample and there are additional elasticized hold downs for an extra blade and adaptor. Don't be foolish, though, this TravelShell is SOLD EMPTY

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