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    As you probably know, if your cat doesn't like the way her food tastes, she won't eat it no matter how healthy it might be for her. That's why we've created new BLUE Healthy Gourmet. Our Healthy Gourmet Flaked Turkey Entrée is rich in flavor and has a scrumptious texture and tender, succulent pieces of flaked turkey smothered in savory gravy. It's a wonderful combination shell look forward to dining on every day. Of course, like all BLUE cat foods, BLUE Healthy Gourmet contains natural, wholesome ingredients, including: Tempting turkey always the first ingredient; Healthy garden veggies; Antioxidant rich fruit; No animal byproducts, corn, wheat, soy. NO Wheat Gluten. Unlike many leading wet cat food products, BLUE Healthy Gourmet does not contain wheat gluten, which has been known to trigger allergic reactions in some cats. Available in 3oz. cans.

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