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    What should Hello Kitty wear today? Children enjoy using the Colorforms Stick-Ons to dress the 3D stand-up Hello Kitty figures in this fun preschool game. The first player to dress Hello Kitty in her stylish outfit wins. It's easy to learn the rules and fun to play -- and no reading is required. This is a game young children can return to again and again. The Colorforms Stick-Ons adhere almost like magic, and are easily removed for re-use. Game play reinforces critical thinking and decision making skills. For 2 - 4 players age 3 and over. For over 58 years, Colorforms has inspired young kids to follow their own imaginations. There's no learning curve, no complicated instructions - kids just pick up Colorforms and start to play. With Colorforms, creating a new world is easy. Change your mind, change the scene, be creative. It's good, wholesome fun. You had fun with Colorforms when you were a kid, and now your own children will, too. Colorforms has the hottest preschool licenses and formats that appeal to a new generation of kids.
           Easy-to-learn, no reading required. Reinforces critical thinking and decision-making. Features 3-D standing up dress-up figures.

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