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    There was no one to teach primitive man what plants he could and could not   eat. Each culture had to discover the foods in its own environment that   met its needs. Over thousands of years emerged an understanding of edible   plants, with special properties which we call herbs. This hard earned   wisdom remained alive in the traditions of the few ancient peoples who   survived into the twentieth century.      It was to these ancient cultures in   diverse parts of the globe that world renowned Sir Jason Winters traveled   as he sought the herbs for his herbal tea. In the rain-soaked pastures of  Europe, descendants of ancient gypsies showed him where to find the finest   blossoms of Red Clover and in the arid deserts of the Americas, he learned   the incredible wonders of Sage and Chaparral from Indian wise men.       Finally, after a long and arduous search in the Far East, he was introduced to the special  herbal spice that sets Sir Jason Winters' Herbal Tea apart from all others. These herbs  blend and interact together, each one highlighting the properties of the other. Though  many imitators claim otherwise, only Sir Jason Winters has been able to achieve this  exclusive blend. His tireless research is finally bearing fruit for those in need. Modern  society begins to accept the remarkable properties of herbs, Sir Jason Winters' Herbal  Tea is becoming sought after all over the world. The wonderful success of herbs should  come as no surprise. These are not recent, miraculous discoveries, but centuries old, tried  and true formulas from a time when human beings were, by necessity, much closer to  nature. Whatever they needed, they simply turned for help to their environment. In this  tradition, Sir Jason Winters has created much more than an exquisite gourmet delight. It  will revitalize the very soul of all who drink this remarkable tea.

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