• Hermit's Mix Dragon Herb 1 lb bag Powder

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    Hermit's Mix by Dragon Herbs 1 lb bag Powder Hermit's Mix 1 lb bag Powder Product This unique and absolutely delicious herbal food is both a powerful anti-aging tonic and a wonderful snack. Hermits Mix provides all three treasures Jing Qi and Shen. It is an amazingly satisfying herbal food and trail mix. Goji is widely believed in the Orient to be a major anti-aging herb. Longan is an excellent blood tonic. The Goji and Longan fruits mix perfectly and delectably with the walnuts and pine nuts. Walnuts are an excellent and important Yang tonic in Chinese herbalism. We use naturally grown peeled walnuts (the thin outer skin is believed to be slightly toxic and counter-productive). The pine nuts are an excellent source of energy. Pine nuts also suppress appetite. This mix gives you incredible energy. And Hermit's Mix is an excellent beauty tonic. Youve got to try this fantastic snack mix. Youll love it and youll love to turn your friends on to it. Hermits Mix Why the Nuts Hermits Mix is

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