• Higgins & Burke, English Breakfast Tea

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    Higgins & Burke English Breakfast Tea

    Evoking a warm British tradition, Higgins & Burke's English Breakfast tea provides a robust start to your day. Brimming with the full-bodied flavor of premium Assam and Ceylon teas, this hearty blend is delightful on its own or with milk and sugar.

    This robust tea can be served on its own or with milk and sugar or honey.

    Each RealCup capsule contains robust Assam tea from India, high grown Ceylon tea, and East of Rift tea from Kenya.

    Higgins & Burke Specialty Teas are blended from hand-picked, high-grown tea leaves to deliver premium quality, rich antioxidant content and bold flavors.


    Demand real taste every time you brew.

    RealCup delivers perfect taste in every cup. Its special brewing process is both art and science, making sure each sip brings out the unique flavor notes and body of your favorite blends.

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