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    The 10 commandments-Hillbilly style! Put this simplified version of the 10 commandments anywhere you need a rustic accent..or a good laugh! 
    The commandments are:(1) Ain't but one God (2) Honor yer Ma & Pa (3) No tellin' tales or gossipin' (4) Git your hide ta Sunday meetin' (5) Ain't notin' come before the Lord (6) No foolin' with another fellers gal (7) No killin', sept fer critters (8) Quit yer foul mouthin (9) No swipin' yer kin folks stuff (10)Don't be hankerin' fer it niether 
    Measures 11" H x 8.5" W. 
    Made of resin. 
    Can be hung with attached sawtoothed bracket or used with the included easel. 
    Makes a great housewarming gift !

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