• History's Golden Thread: The History of Salvation

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    The Bible is the timeless word of God that comes to us through the cultural structures of a specific people, the people of Israel. In spite of the number of books that it comprises, the Bible is, in the end, one book that contains one history. In this book Sofia Cavalletti uses the scriptures to follow the golden thread of the history of salvation, from the creation of the world to its final destiny in Christ. Fifty brief chapters look at the stories of the Old Testament through the lens of the New Testament, making parallels between events, images, and persons. References to the founders of the Church and to the liturgy are included to show how the Bible has been experienced throughout the centuries and how its texts have continued to permeate the lives of believers. Ideal for catechists, scripture students, and anyone interested in understanding the biblical foundations of Christianity. Sofia Cavalletti is an internationally known biblical scholar and the founder of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a method of religious formation based on the educational model of Maria Montesorri. The Catechesis builds on the capacity for faith already present in each child, using the scriptures and the liturgy of the Church. Published by Liturgy Training Publications.

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