• Hobnail Shield Bezel, Large, Antique Silver


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  • Description

    Hobnail Shield, Large, Antique Silver, 1 pc. : These beautiful Hobnail Bezels designed by Susan Lenart Kazmer come in Antique Brass Tone as well as Silver Tone (looks like gun metal). The small, medium and large bezels actually can be nested inside of each other- and they are light and less bulky than other Mixed Metal Bezels.  Because these bezels are a great price, you can play around with all types of jewelry techniques - especially Iced Enameling techniques!  Closed-back design makes them easy to fill with Iced Enamels or your pictures, paper and ephemera sealed with ICE Resin!  Go ahead- have some fun- a canvas for your creativity! Just choose your size and give them a try- the Large size measures approximately 5.5 cm x 3.5 cm; the Medium size measures approximately 4 cm x 2 cm; the Small pair each measure 2.5 cm x 1 cm. Additional shapes: Oval, Circle, Rectangle, Triangle, Long Rectangle, Shield, Heart.

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