• Holiday Tea - 50 sachet bag

    Harney and Sons

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  • Description

    Our Holiday Tea is a black tea spiced with citrus, almond, clove and cinnamon. Delicious hot or iced. Wonderful for a holiday table, a cold winter morning, or any time you crave a holiday-inspired brew.
    We wanted a tea to celebrate the Holidays and almost fifteen years ago we developed this complex blend that is mellow, yet has some satisfying spiciness. We believe it fits into almost anyone's celebration! 
    Dry Leaves
    China black is the base for this tea, which is blended with cloves and red safflowers. The dry leaves are dark brown. 
    The liquor is medium to dark brown. 
    Just enough spice for a delightful holiday tea, our blend has strong scents of citrus and cinnamon. 
    Caffeine Level
    This tea has a medium to strong body. 
    Our Holiday blend tastes of orange and cloves with hints of vanilla and almond. 
    Brewing Time
    4 to 5 minutes 
    Brewing Temperature
    212° F

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