• Home Fragrancer (Electric)

    Aromatherapy Associates

  • $68.00

  • Description

    Welcoming Ambience

    Create a welcoming and aromatic ambience with Aromatherapy Associates Electric Home Fragrancer. Traditionally crafted in glazed ceramic, this electric fragrancer is a safe, clean and effective way to vaporize essential oils without using a naked flame. Simply plug in and add several drops of room fragrance for a clear and fresh scent that can last for many hours at a time.

    • Safe, clean and effective electric home fragrancer
    • Traditionally crafted in glazed ceramic
    • Scent may last for many hours at a time

    For Best Effect: Simply plug in and then add several drops of any Aromatherapy Associates room fragrance or essence to create a welcoming and aromatic ambience. To clean, wipe fragrancer while still warm before switching off.

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