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     Horse Facilities Handbook replaces Horse Handbook (MWPS- 15) and is filled with the latest facts about planning and constructing facilities for all phases of equine breeding, care, and control.  

    It is authored by Cooperative Extension engineers from Iowa State, Kansas State, and Pennsylvania State universities and the state equine specialist at Oklahoma State University. Additional contributions are provided by engineers, animal scientists, and equine specialists at universities in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Michigan, and Virginia.

    Topics in Horse Facilities Handbook include site planning; stables; paddocks; outdoor facilities; arenas; training facilities; breeding facilities; environmental control; manure management; bulk feed and bedding storage; fencing; utilities; fire protection; and emergency response planning. The book also features a quick-reference overview of material plus appendixes on common fly species, general construction, and wood preservatives.

    An easy-to-use format, full-color photographs, tables, references for further reading, and a detailed index complete the book. Two-color insets and bulleted lists make important facts and figures easily accessible. The text features easy-to-read type and style.

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