• Hot Foot - Little Uglydoll


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    David Horvath & Sun-Min Kim created the first UGLYDOLL hand-sewn plush toys in 2001. Since the inception of the first character, Wage, who David drew on a love letter to Sun-Min, UGLYDOLL has grown into an entire universe of characters, stories and products for all ages. Ugly doll is distinguished by David & Sun-Min's unique aesthetic and voice defining 'ugly' as distinctive and unique.
             You know the one thing Hot Foot really doesn't like so much? The sheep herd mentality! Whats with all the posers and followers? Go buy some tan pants with the funky plaid pockets, then POW, nobody else gets them! How can nobody else like what Hot Foot likes? Pretty ugly little Hot Foot is the perfect companion to go everywhere with you. he's made with plush polyester materials & stuffed to 7 inches of flat squishy fun!

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