• Hot Spa Pro Foot Bath Ultimate


  • $89.99

  • Description

    •Waterproof Toe Touch Control easily turns ON / OFF with the touch of a toe 
    •OZONE has been used for years to clean and detoxify water* 
    •Water empties easily through front opening 
    •Roller Massagers in basin revive tired feet 
    •Heel Rest with water drainage holes 
    •Built-in hood for maximum heat retention and splash protection 
    •Basin holds 3.2 quarts of water 
    •Fits up to men's size 11 ½ and women's size up to 13 
    •Large rubberized tub feet for non-slip support 
    •Interior basin marked with "Max" water fill line 
    •Convenient 8 ft. cord 
    •Aromatherapy Dispenser - add essential oils or dissolving scent beads for a relaxing massage experience (oils/beads not included)

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