• Household Essentials P1900 6-Line Portable Indoor/Outdoor Umbrella Clothesline

    Household Essentials

  • $18.13

  • Description

    The Portable Umbrella Dryer allows clothes to dry naturally. This no-hassle dryer comes pre-strung and ready to install. With its two-piece aluminum center post with snap lock and tripod base that extends to 52", this dryer is stable. Easily opening and closing like an inverted umbrella, it stores and travels effortlessly. Place it in the sun and brighten your whites or move it to the shade to keep colors from fading. Use it at home or take it camping; this portable dryer goes where you need it.  Galvanized Steel   2 Piece Center Post   Great for small areas   Set up size: 72"h x 52"w x 52"d   3 section-6 line 64' drying space   Aluminum upper structure and tripod base   Indoor or outdoor dryer in stable tripod base   No-rust aluminum center pole comes in 2 pieces   Tripod base extends to 52" for added stability   Completely prestrung and ready for installation   Single slide action opens and closes dryer like an inverted umbrella   Folds completely for storage   Completely pre-strung & ready for installation   Single action opens & closes dryer   Folds down completely for storage   Aluminum tripod base extends to 52" for added stability    Perfect for rv's, campers, etc.

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