• How To Hide Things In Public Places

    Paladin Press

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    Fiery counsels the seriously stealthy in detail. He gives lots of attention to selecting hiding places and gaining access to a site when access is not readily available. He expounds at length on hiding things in public restrooms and explores such arcana as access to soap and other dispensers, along the way confirming attentive modern readers' hunch that there is now--more's the stashing pity--a dearth of toilet tanks in public facilities. Some of Fiery's strategies are more novel than others. His discussion of Simplex lock combinations, for instance, though perhaps not groundbreaking, is certainly intriguing, but hiding things under snow piles is old hat to anyone who has ever been a beer-swilling northern teen with empties to ditch. A useful book for those who need it, especially with the appended index of hiding places and list of Simplex lock combinations.   Mike Tribby 
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