• HT Yellow & Blue - 20 Sachet Tin

    Harney and Sons

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  • Description

    Our Yellow and Blue herbal blend is a floral rapture including chamomile, lavender and corn flowers. People find this caffeine free blend to be very relaxing.
    Dry Leaves: A bright mixture of yellow chamomile flowers, brilliant blue lavender, and cornflowers.
    Liquor: A light greenish-brown, with very slight hints of blue.
    Aroma: This blend combines the mellow aroma of chamomile with the flowery aroma of lavender.
    Caffeine Level: Caffeine Free
    Body: Light in body.
    Flavors: A very mellow and smooth herbal, the chamomile and lavender are not overwhelming but are still very prominent.
    Brewing Time: 5 minutes
    Brewing Temperature: 212° F

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