• HTP Full Length Heel Seats Large

    HTP: Heel that Pain

  • $34.95

  • Description

    - the patented fascia bar that keeps your plantar fascia from tightening too much and helps alleviate heel pain from plantar fasciitis as well as other disorders that aggravate this same area,
    deep heal cups to help the fad pad under your heel absorb shocks and eliminate sharp pains from walking or standing,
    metatarsal cushioning that adds comfort under the ball of your foot where you can also experience pain,
    arch supports that can help improve your gait and keep you from rolling your foot inward as you walk, a condition called pronation.
    While some find that other HTP heel seats can cause pain at first because the acupressure is too aggressive, these full-length heel seats are made from softer and more flexible material that may be more to some people's liking

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