• Hudson UBE upper body ergometer

    FEI Fabrication Enterprises (page 1 to 150 on pricelist)

  • $165.00

  • Description

    The workhorse for upper body ergometers in clinical environments is the Hudson UBE. It is designed to be used on a table top and its construction will take virtually any punishment. The frames are built using precision mitered and Tig/Mig welded 1020 High Tensile steel. The computer of the Hudson UBE has an elegant functionality. It is self-powered, using two AA batteries and has a large LCD display which shows elapsed time current speed, distance, heart rate and estimated number of calories burned. The Hudson UBE also has a patented, permanent magnet braking system, manual adjustability with 8 different loading levels to accommodate a wide range of users and it is belt-driven for smooth and quiet operation.

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