• Hugo 8-Cup Unbreakable French Press, Black


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    A virtually unbreakable polycarbonate carafe makes this coffee press sturdy enough for picnics or camping. To use a French press, grounds are placed in the bottom of the (preheated with hot water, if possible) carafe, then near-boiling water added. The lid with its stainless-steel rod and filter is pushed down after a few minutes of steeping, and the coffee is ready to pour. Many coffee aficionados swear by the French press method. The Hugo features a second mesh screen in the lid that removes even more of the coffee grounds sediment typically left behind by most coffee presses.    In addition to the polycarbonate carafe, the Hugo features a rubberized comfort-grip handle and plastic frame, which makes it possible for coffee (or tea) to be reheated in a microwave when the lid and stainless-steel fixtures are removed. The Hugo eight-cup carafe makes about 32 ounces of coffee, which is more like four cups for most coffee drinkers. An individual-sized 12-ounce model is also available, and both come in black, white, blue, or green.  --Ann Bieri 
           The BonJour Unbreakables... for those who are a little clumsy before their morning coffee!  The Monet Unbreakable French Press is elegant and durable, perfect for patio, RV, boat or picnics.  The carafe is made of polycarbonate that is unbreakable with normal use and care.  The lid and frame are stainless steel as is the filter rod and assembly.  Includes BonJour's filtering lid for less sediment in your coffee.

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