• Hyper Dog 4 Ball Launcher


  • $39.99

  • Description

    For the true ball-obsessed pooch, the Hyper Dog ball launcher is the ultimate dog toy and a real dream come true. It launches tennis balls over 220 feet for your dog to fetch. You and your dog will both love playing with the Hyper Dog ball launcher - it's addictive shooting balls with the slingshot-like launcher and seeing how far each tennis ball is thrown. The best dog toy around!
    We think the 4 ball HyperDog Tennis Ball Launcher is one of the best interactive dog toys - and makes playing with your dog a fun and exciting activity! Just be sure to have a nice bowl of water ready for your pup, because we guarantee he or she is going to be pooped after all this running around with this fun dog toy! A great way to pack a full day's worth of exercise into just 30 minutes of play! Plus, you won't end up with tennis elbow throwing ball after ball. Oh, and don't worry about having to pick up slimy tennis balls - just use the launcher pouch and you'll keep your hands drool free!
    Ha! No dog can out run the Hyper Dog tennis ball launcher. While it's effortless for you to launch balls over 220 feet, your energetic dog will have to run to catch them all! Your dog will be happily ready for a nap by the time your "ultimate game of fetch" is over. This is one dog toy your dog simply can't outlast - no matter how hard he or she tries! The Hyper Dog 4-ball tennis ball launcher works with all regular-sized tennis balls.

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