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    Zorbitz Necklace with Meaningful Poem "I Love You, Sister" Zorbitz I Love You, Sister Necklace is adorned with white gold dipped and pewter charms. Zorbitz I Love You, Sister Necklace has a clasp closure. Zorbitz I Love You, Sister Necklace is the perfect gift for any occassion to show your love and appreciation. Zorbitz I Love You, Sister Necklace comes with the following poem: "You are my sister, so special to me. Together we've shared many memories. You're a friend to my spirit, a gift to my heart. you lift me up with the love you impart. This necklace is a symbol of my love for you. Wear it always and your dreams can come true." Charms, Crystals, Friendship Bracelets, Necklaces and Gift IdeasZorbitz imports some of Earth's finest gems, pearls and woods from around the world to create jewelry empowered with Earth's healing qualities which you need in your everyday life. Zorbitz designs meaningful jewelry including vintage tattoo bracelets designed by celebrity tattoo artist, Andy Brodsky, bracelets made from a 3000 year old powerful secret, DZI "Zee" beads, miracle charms (design your own), friendship bracelets, beaded necklaces, karmalogy beads, nirvana crystals, pink united jewelry (benefitting women with breast cancer), acai bracelets and necklaces (benefitting Brazilian women), and coffee bean bracelets (benefitting women of Costa Rica). Zorbitz donates a percentage of every sale to charity. About ZorbitzZorbitz brings some of the earth's finest gems and woods to give you earth's healing qualities you need in your everyday life. Everyone needs Zorbitz whether it's for love, health, wealth, or even an unexpected miracle. Zorbitz' goal was to give back to you the feeling of the exact moment they started receiving theirs. Zorbitz has been able to make a difference in this world. Thus far, Zorbitz has contributed over thousands of dollars to charities worldwide. Zorbitz thanks you for helping them make that difference.

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