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    Ice Cream Man 1995 Color 84 minutes Rated R    Starring: Clint Howard, Justin Isfeld, Anndi McAfee   The happy jingle of the neighborhood ice cream truck turns into hell s bells as Gregory Tudor (Clint Howard) delivers torture, murder and mayhem with every scoop of rocky road. After witnessing the murder of his friend  The Ice Cream King , Gregory grows up to become a demented ice cream man with mysterious frozen treats. No one is safe from the ice cream man in this pulse-pounding nightmare that s sure to leave you chilled to the bone.  Jack Frost 2 2000 Color 91 minutes Rated R    Starring: Christopher Allport, Eileen Seeley, Chip Heller   Jack, the chiller killer is back and he's mad as hell. An accidental lab experiment resurrected the evil snowman, but this time, the crystal killer can't be stopped by fire, bullets or even his worst enemy, chemical anti-freeze. With revenge on his mind, Jack sets out to finish off his nemesis, Sheriff Sam, who is vacationing on a Caribbean island. Sam's balmy paradise turns into a Winter Terrorland when Jack freezes the island and quickly ices everyone around him. No one can stop the chilling killing spree when Jack can travel as lethal liquid or fatal, frosty flakes. Just when you thawed it was safe to go back in the fridge...  Killer Tongue 1996 Color 98 minutes Rated R    Starring: Melinda Clarke, Jason Durr, Robert Englund   The incredible story begins in the New Mexico desert at the border of paranormal reality. An unlikely convergence of strange phenomenon spawns a creature with seductive feminine charms and gross mutations. With a parasitic alien inhabiting her monstrous body, Candy, the human host fights a losing battle with the beast until its secret grip can be broken. This shocking movie breaks all the rules of filmmaking and will stay with you forever... unless you can't stay with  IT !

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