• iGage Weatherproof Paper 11"x17" - 50 Sheets


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    Ideal for extreme outdoor, marine, and field use, iGage's weatherproof paper absorbs ink in almost any situation, including underwater. The paper is made of a coated, single-layer, porous synthetic film with inherently superior ink absorption qualities, regardless of whether you're using a standard ink pen, highlighter, whiteboard marker, or permanent marker. Simply scribble or jot your handwritten note onto each puncture- and tear-resistant page, and you'll enjoy permanent, indelible results. As an alternative, users can also run the paper through an inkjet or laser printer, where the base film bonds tightly with the ink and toner to produce highly defined, richly colored images. Users can even write on the paper when scuba-diving or snorkeling by using a gas-charged space pen.    Because of the waterproof surface, the paper excels as a base for maps, signs, banners, medical charts, ID tags, hunting permits, and more. In addition, the material won't peal over time, so you won't need to seal any edges or laminate any printed pieces. The paper even folds and glues easily while fitting inside most copiers--just like traditional paper--and withstands both the embossing and laminating process should the need arise. So do away with paper and ink that run at the first sight of a sprinkle and protect your vital information with iGage's waterproof paper.       Note:  The paper doesn't bond with pencil lead or certain types of inks (depending on the type of printer ink you use), so be sure to order in small quantities at first. This particular bundle includes 50 sheets of 11-by-17-inch paper.
           Weatherproof Paper is excellent for extreme outdoor, marine and field use. It is even possible to write on Weatherproof Paper underwater with a standard ink pen (gas charged write-anywhere pens do best underwater.) It is not possible to write on this Weatherproof Paper with a pencil.

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