• Illustrated Guide to Sheltie Grooming

    Alpine Publications

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  • Description

    Shetland Sheepdog groomers’ wishes have just come true!  Barb Ross’s skilled instructions will help you master: *Sheltie grooming from eartip to toe—with step by step illustrations  *How to develop correct earset on your puppies:  Gluing, Bracing, Weighing *Eartrimming, including correcting low or high tipping ears and ears that are set incorrectly *Select the right equipment for every grooming need *Trim heads of all types to perfection *Do perfect toenail grooming every time without cutting too deep *Remove mats so they don’t even show—no more bald spots behind the ears *Trim minor leg and body faults to make your dog appear correct *Condition your Sheltie’s coat the way the professionals do it *How t put last minute touches into your show grooming that make the difference between winning or losing

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