• In Spain with St. John of the Cross

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    In Spain with St. John of the Cross
    Travel through Spain where St. John of the Cross lived out his life more than 400 years ago.
    * Visit Fontiveros where he was born
    * Medina del Campo where he grew up
    * The old university of Salamanca where he studied as a young Carmelite
    * Duruelo, the site of the first house of the Discalced Carmelite Friars 
    *Avila of St. Teresa 
    *Toledo, where he was imprisoned
    * El Calvario and Beas de Segura in Andalucia where he lived after he escaped from prison
    * Baeza (and Ubeda) during Holy Week processions that capture something of the atmosphere of those long-ago times when St. John lived there
    * Granada, where his monastery was next to the Alhambra
    * Segovia and the cliffs where he liked to pray
    * Ubeda where he died
    But throughout this pilgrimage the glimpse of St. John that we are most looking for is one of the divine union that burned in his heart and about which he sang..

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