• Indoor Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor Bible

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    "Amazingly efficient, yet humorous!" --  Michka, Mama Publications, Paris, France, October 8, 2001 "It's finally here. Throw all the other grow books in the garbage. This is the one, the Bible." --  High Times Magazine, New York, NY October 25, 2001 It sold more books than any other indoor cultivation book in history. --  Van Patten Publishing, September 9, 2001 This is the Indoor Bible.  Number #1 best seller since 1983.  It is a classic! --  Van Patten Publishing, September 9, 2001 We have sold foreign rights in UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Netherlands -- Banned in Austrailia! --  Van Patten Publishing, September 9, 2001 
           Jorge exceeded all of our expectations with his new work.  The book has everything anybody could possibly want to know about growing cannabis indoors.  It is especially strong on new technology including hydroponics and high intensity lighting.  The sections on plant nutrient problems, insects, spider mites and diseases especially fungus are extremely informative.  For example, he dedicates four pages of detailed text and two color pages (8 color photos and drawings) exclusively to spider mite control.  Click on "see more pictures" to the left of the cover to view just a few of the 39 life-like color drawings and photographs that illustrate specific nutrient (fertilizer) problems.  Four case studies detail everything the growers did from beginning to end, including the cost, space and watts employed and actual yield.  The index is particularly well done.  He is so proud of his new book, that he personally offers a "money back guarantee".  See "author comments".  This book has always been a top seller, for us, and judging from the runaway sales the first month of publication, the trend continues.  We have sold more copies of this book than any other indoor marijuana cultivation book in history.  To date, we sold foreign rights in the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, and Netherlands.

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