• INFANT Baby B’Air Flight Vest - Style 90211

    Baby B'Air

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    For parents who often take to the skies with a baby in their  lap, this light, stowable item may offer extra peace of mind when worn  during flight. The soft cotton vest can be worn throughout a trip and  three plastic buckles snap at sides and crotch, and the adult's seat  belt passes through a nylon loop to secure child to parent. This  harness would be a must-have accessory for the frequent-flying baby--if  it were FAA approved for use during takeoff and landing. Currently it  is not, a fact we felt the manufacturers should make much clearer than  they do. During takeoff and landing, then, this simple vest/harness  cannot (alas) replace the uncomfortable baby lap belts provided by the  airlines, although it meets all FAA regulations for use during flight.   --Richard Farr 
           Baby B Air is worn by the infant like a vest It is placed over the child s head and secured by adjustable straps on both sides under the baby s arms The third strap comes from behind between the baby s legs and buckles to the front with another adjustable strap The excess straps Velcro neatly to the vest so that there are no loose straps

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