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    Experience nature up close with Ladybug Land from Insect Lore. This enthralling educational kit gives kids the opportunity to observe ladybugs through every stage of their lifecycle. Children ages four and up can watch real ladybug larvae while they eat and grow into pupae and metamorphose into Pink Spotted Ladybugs. Children will love viewing the ladybugs in their included observation habitat, which has a built-in magnifying lens.         Ladybug Land At a Glance: Age:  4 years and up   Requirements:  Larvae, which are available with the included mail-in coupon ($5 shipping and handling required; ships to all U.S. states except Hawaii). Warranty:  Insect Lore guarantees that at least 10 larvae sent through the mail will metamorphose into adult ladybugs.     Watch larvae turn into ladybugs!  View larger .   Live Ladybug Larvae Mailed Directly to You  Ladybug Land comes with a coupon to send away for 15 to 20 ladybug larvae, which will arrive in a tube that contains all of the food the larvae will need for this part of their life cycle.     Dome includes magnifying lens.  View larger .    Once you receive your larvae, put them in the Ladybug Land domed habitat and watch them crawl over the plastic paths and "mountains," eat their special food, and grow.   Observe the Metamorphosis Up Close  Eventually, the crawly little larvae will enter the pupae stage, in which they attach themselves to the habitat dome and begin their metamorphoses into adult ladybugs. Insect Lore guarantees at least 10 larvae will grow into adult ladybugs.   Your Very Own Ladybugs  Once the spotted ladybugs emerge, children can have lots of fun feeding them, watching them crawl around, and even carefully removing them and holding them. You can feed your ladybugs raisins that have been plumped in water, or you can feed them aphids from your backyard. The kit comes with a pipette and a watering pad for giving the ladybugs water.  If you receive your ladybug larvae during warmer weather, when temperatures are above 55 degrees, you can experience the excitement of releasing mature ladybugs into the wild. Larvae are available for delivery year-round, so if yours arrive in a colder month, you can keep your fully-grown ladybugs in the habitat for their lifespan. Ladybugs can live for up to a year in the wild, but if you keep them in their habitat, they'll live for about two to three weeks.  Additional mail-in certificates are available for order, so you can reuse Ladybug Land and experience the magic of metamorphosis again and again.   What's in the Box  Ladybug Land observation habitat with magnifying lid and watering pad, pipette, activity guide, full instructions, and mail-in coupon for 15 to 20 ladybug larvae, and food     
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