• INSIDE THE CRUCIBLE - Volume 4 - An Exclusive Look at Kelly McCanns Individual Protective Measures Course - Close Quarters Shooting and Combative Pistol Skills

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    Through graphic demonstrations using Safe-Shot pistols, McCann first demonstrates the realities of distance and reaction time as they apply to sudden, close-quarters attacks. He then takes you out to the range and leads you and his IPMC students through a progressive series of drills to develop practical, tactically sound close-quarters shooting skills, including the real combat speed rock, shooting from the weapons retention position, flinch shooting and the secrets of close-range shot placement and stopping power. Finally, McCann takes the hard-core techniques of his best-selling Combatives series and combines them with his shooting curriculum and a strong dose of street smarts to create a state-of-the-art, integrated close-combat system that includes methods of fouling an attacker's draw, striking and shooting, and the use of the pistol as an impact weapon.

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