• Intelligent Life in the Classroom: Smart Kids & Their Teachers

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    "Rarely do I find an academic book that is a page-turner, but this one surely is! Karen and Tamara have addressed the identifying characteristics of gifted children through anecdotes that make the children come alive. At the same time, they provide excellent information for teachers on how to recognize salient characteristics and address gifted children's needs. This book is immensely readable but addresses the issues in an intellectually honest way. I know that my graduate students will love it, too." --Dr. Bonnie Cramond, Professor, Department of Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology Director, Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development "This book reminds me of why I became a teacher and why I have spent my professional life advocating for more opportunities for creative and talented children. Reading it is like having a conversation with a dear, old friend about how to inspire curiosity, intensity, humor, and love of learning in all children." --Sally M. Reis, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut "Isaacson and Fisher have contributed a refreshingly welcome perspective concerning the complexities of smart kids and the teachers who reach them. Their lively writing style, attention to important issues, and use of substantive examples offer the reader a wealth of practical knowledge and strategies for working with gifted youth. Quite simply, an enjoyable, enlightening, must read for educators and parents." --Marcia Gentry, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Associate Director, Gifted Education Resource Institute, Purdue University

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