• Invade Bio Drain Treatment - Gallon

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    Eliminate Drain Flies, Fruit Flies, and nasty drain odors at the source with InVade Bio Drain. Utilizes a thickened advanced formula of microbes and citrus oil to coat drains and cut through the scum and organic materials that flies require to lay their eggs, preventing reproduction. Also prevents costly blockages when used regularly and leaves your drain smelling like fresh citrus fruit. Product Information: The decaying organic matter found in the "j" traps in floor drains and sink drains provide both a food source and breeding ground for drain flies, fruit flies, phorid flies, and other fly pests. These fly pests can not be eliminated unless this breeding ground is directly attacked. Treating clogged drains with hot water, bleach, ammonia, or other ordinary drain cleaners is inefficent. Only the regular use of professional strength like Bio Drain will adequately cut through drain scum to prevent drain fly reproduction. Features: 1. Incorporates natural citrus oil to eliminate nasty odors and leave drains smelling like fresh oranges 2. Thickened microbial formula easily coats the sides of drains 3. Advanced formula eats through drain scum and organic material so that drain flies and other flies will no longer breed there 4. Allows drains to run freely and prevents costly blockages 5. May be used in any drain that clogs easily or where flies are a problem To use Bio Drain: 1. If drain to be treated is not used regularly, first moisten the drain with 1 to 2 gallon of warm water before treatment 2. Apply during the day when drains are in lowest usage 3. Apply 4 oz to each drain around the edges, making sure to coat the sides. 4. Repeat daily for 5-7 days then every 1-2 weeks for ongoing maintenance. 5. For drains with heavy layer of scum, clean drain with a brush before treatment for immediate results and then maintain with to prevent further build-up. always read label before use

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