• Island Style

    Linden Publishing Inc

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    Casually refreshing island style has hit the decorating world with the power of a tidal wave. Sisal and bamboo carpeting, rattan furnishings, palettes of bright whites and tropical pastels all come accompanied by such delightful accents as carved wooden bowls, netting, and cool motifs. If you want your home to look like a Caribbean or South Pacific haven, just open these pages for sun-, sky-, and sea-blessed ideas to welcome into every room. Any house will evoke warmer climes when it's dressed in natural earth tones and creamy white linens, with an evocative ceiling fan and a screen reminiscent of shutters. A soaring roof reaching toward the sky gives drama to an outdoor room--especially when supported by columns and painted in sunset pinks and golds. Attain a light and airy atmosphere, add an abundance of plants, fill the space with local materials--the results will carry you straight to paradise!

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