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    The ISM Adamo Breakaway Saddle uses a design that breaks away from the norm in order to offer more comfort for you, especially when you find yourself bent over in the drops, trying to steal away from the group. ISM has been known to the multi-sport crowd for a few years now. And their saddle designs offer a great advantage for those that spend much of their time on aero bars, but the Breakaway Saddle brings that ISM shaping to the road. It's more comfortable by way of creating better support for your skeletal system and reducing pressure on your soft tissue. ISM saddles are distinct in that they forego a traditional saddle shape in favor of a design that includes a forked tip or nose. In between the two forks, the Breakaway Saddle has a sizeable cutout that relieves the pressure put on the perineal artery by many of today's typical racing saddles. Testing shows that the ISM saddle design maintains upwards of 95% of your normal blood flow to some pretty important body parts in comparison to the 5 - 10% of normal blood flow values for other standard racing saddles. While most other saddles have their greatest width at 3/4ths of the length from the nose, the Breakaway has this width about 2/3rds of the way back from the front. This means the ISM Adamo design will better support your sit bones as you inevitably roll your hips forward when you are riding fast and in an aerodynamic position. These two things -- the cutout, forked front portion and the location of the wings ensure that your weight is not supported by your soft tissue. Instead, you'll be sitting on your sit bones. How novel. This saddle's beauty will be known by the rear of the beholder. The ISM Adamo Breakaway Saddle is available in Black with White trim on the rear portion. It has lightweight titanium rails with a 65mm flat section to offer great fore and aft adjustability. It's a full length saddle at 270mm and it's 135mm wide. It has the same shell shaping as the Podium Saddle, but it uses gel and th...

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