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    In 1999, on the heels of the most rabid chasing of the hour record in a quarter century, the UCI delivered new bicycle guidelines that effectively quashed that momentum and forced racers into a nether world of sitting on the tips of their saddles. The change was under the guise of keeping the bikes and riders safe, but the reality is that a soft tissue injury is very likely because standard racing saddles are not designed in a way to provide proper support when you are in a fast, aero, and legal position. The ISM Adamo Road Saddle is made expressly for the purpose of supporting your weight without restricting blood flow to some pretty important parts of your body. It's no secret that a forward position on your time trial bike will reduce your frontal area. Essentially, the further you rotate forward over the bottom bracket, the less area you'll present to the wind as your head and chest become smaller factors in the whole drag equation. We've recently seen video of a certain Texan, admittedly in his twilight years as a bike racer, making every attempt to squeeze the last tiny percentages of speed out of his body. Part of his new-for-2010 bike outfitting includes an Adamo Road Saddle. What Lance and Allen Lim knew was that his old TT position was not aerodynamically efficient, even though it was powerful. His 2010 position has him farther forward over the bottom bracket with a lower handlebar position as well. Just as the RadioShack crew found, the Adamo Saddle offers more comfort and more support when you are in a fast forward position. And when every second counts, your comfort will become one less thing to disrupt the rhythm of your race. ISM designs the Adamo Road to be just over the UCI saddle minimum length of 240mm. And with it perched atop your saddle rails in a legal 5cm behind-the-bottom-bracket position, the wings of the Adamo saddle (that offer support for your sit-bones) will be 7 - 9cm farther forward than your current racing saddle. The forward widt...

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