• iTech Heat Resistant Cutting Comb, 8-1/2" (Package Qty: 2)


  • $3.60

  • Description

    When you need a comb designed specifically to make your work easier, check out iTech\'s Collection of Handmade Ionic Carbon Combs. Made from a lightweight carbon, they feature an ionic coating that leaves the hair smooth, shiny and static free. Combs made of carbon offer a variety of benefits-they\'re lightweight, durable and can withstand extreme heat, making them perfect for use with your hair dryer or iron. In addition, carbon is static free, which helps prevent fly-away and frizzy hair during styling. Carbon combs are also easier to wipe clean if you use them for haircoloring, because they don\'t absorb color like plastic does.-Lighter carbon combs are lightweight, durable and withstand heat, making them perfect for daily use-Precise spacing between teeth makes comb-through easy-Can withstand extreme heat, making them perfect for use with irons, blow dryers and heated razors-100% static free-Ionic coating provides smooth and shiny hair-Design is perfect for cutting, detangling, color and highlighting-Beautiful design makes them attractive on your station.

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