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    Ivanhoe110 full-color Playing cards (70 color cards 20 supporter cards and 20 action cards)25 colored chips (tokens) 7-page RuleBook (includes Sample Tournaments) Take on the role of a knight and join the prestigious tournaments at the king's court. Use your cards to winthe jousting competitions, or fight with your sword, axe or morningstar. Rally your squires, gain the support of a maiden and play action cards against your opponents. The first player to win four orfive different tournaments becomes the overall victor. The game consists of many consecutive tournaments. The player who starts the tournament determines which weapon will be used in it. A tournamentmay start as jousting, as a fight with swords, axes, or morningstars, or as a fight without weapons. Usually a tournament is fought with the same weapon throughout. However, some action cards allow the players to change the current tournament weapon. A player who wins a tournament receives one token of the final color in which the tournamentwas fought. However, a player who wins a joustingtournament may take any color token (due to the prestige of the jousting tournament). Let the tournaments begin!

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