• J.A. Henckels 10-Inch Diamond Sharpening Steel


  • $13.75

  • Description

    Although steels often are touted as sharpening tools, few actually sharpen knife blades but do perform the vital task of realigning, or "resetting," edges, which bend when contacting a cutting surface or other hard object. Because this tool's surface contains diamond dust, it's hard enough to somewhat sharpen a blade. While using this steel won't replace a professional sharpening job, which proceeds from coarse grinding to ever-finer grinding at tightly controlled angles, it will lengthen intervals between sharpenings. This steel will also perform better than a steel without diamond dust because it accomplishes the final task of a professional sharpening, which is polishing the edge to a fine point while realigning the edge. The rule is that a steel should be at least as long as the knife blade being drawn across it, and this steel's 12-inch rod handles all household knives. The steel carries a lifetime warranty against defects.  --Fred Brack

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