• Jackite Blue Jay Kite, 28" Wingspan

    BestNest Distributing

  • $27.99

  • Description

    Jackite, designers of unique Bird Kites/Windsocks that truly depict a bird in flight. They beat their wings, bank on the air emulating a real bird. Beautiful as a kite or used with a pole, line rig, and mounting for a wind sock. Strong red graphics picturing the Male Blue Jay. The colors and detail of this kite will have everyone believing that you have a live Blue Jay flying. 
    To assemble, peel the two-faced tape and press body together and install spar across wings.
    Jackite does not recommend using the Jackite birds or poles in winds over 20 mph. Do not fly kites/windsock near power lines or obstacles. 
    Kite string not included. Available mountings include ground stake, ground mount, wall mount, side deck mount, or flat deck mount.

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