• Jawz X-Comp - Orange - 8 ¾"


  • $21.35

  • Description

    The Jawz X-Comp features a more rigid polymer formulation better suited for butterfly tosses, skips, kick deliveries, and brushes. The Jawz X-Comp is approximately 90% as puncture resistant as a standard Jawz disc. Featuring state-of-the-art aerodynamics, hi-tech polymers and patented gripping surfaces, Hyperflite Jawz X-Comp discs (made in the U.S.) are nothing less than professional-quality athletic equipment for the modern canine athlete. In normal play, competition or practice, Jawz X-Comp discs will prove incredibly durable. In the hands of a skilled thrower, Jawz X-Comp discs are capable of record-setting distance throws. Jawz X-Comp discs should not, however, be used as canine chew toys.

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