• Jaybird And Mais 299 Hockey Tape

    Jaybird & Mais Inc

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  • Description

    Jaybird & Mais 299 Hockey Tape is a multi-purpose hockey tape manufactured using first quality woven cloth fabrics. It is coated with an aggressive rubber adhesive system which bonds well to socks, pads and hockey sticks. #299 tapes are hand tearable, and boast excellent tensile strength. Jaybird & Mais Hockey Tape is recommended for all styles of hockey sticks, including composites. Can also be used as novelty item or for decoration. Everyone has their own color preference - some players think black tape on the blade of the stick hides the puck better while some think white tape is for skilled stick handlers because they can see the puck better on their stick. We offer 12 different colors/patterns so you can decide yourself. Royal blue is above navy blue and gold is above bright yellow in the group photo.

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