• Jedi Adult - Extra Large


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  • Description

    Join the order of the JEDI Knights with our deluxe costume- With Star Wars fast becoming again the rage (was it ever not?!), this costume will be certain to thrill your audience, even if you have to explore the dark side of the force--- Costume features a tunic, pants, and attached boot tops- Add a light saber and a Jedi Robe (NOT included) and you'll look like you just left the bridge of your star fighter or even the Emperor's command ship - and joined the Rebel Alliance to boot! This costume is perfect for Halloween where you can use the force and your handsome looks to get those lady-treats or to wear at a Star Wars convention that are springing up all over annually! You'll fit right in with and start swinging your lightsaber as you head for the X-wing fighter to battle it out in space!

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