• John Frieda Radiant Red Shampoo Daily 8.45oz

    Bilo Beauty

  • $22.69

  • Description

    For natural, color-treated or highlighted redheads. Safeguards a redhead's ideal color, vibrancy and moisture as it gently cleans without diminishing intensity. Locks in rich red tones and ignites highlights tempting you to flaunt your everlasting red. With pomegranate and plum extracts. Developed exclusively for redheads, the radiant red color-preserving system protects the pure intensity of red hair. Ideal for daily use on frequently colored red hair, radiant red Color Keep Anti-Fade Shampoo preserves fiery red tones without adding or depositing color. This breakthrough moisturizing shampoo removes dulling residue while prolonging the intensity of your ideal red. Containing moisture-rich ingredients and anti-fading agents to gently cleanse hair while preserving precious red. Keeps  color locked in while shampooing to help retain vibrant color with a smooth luxurious finish. Leaves hair soft and revitalized with blazing red shine. Designed to enhance deeper, richer shades of red hair, this formula features pomegranate and plum extracts. Made in Canada.

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