• Jumbo Bully Sticks, Plain, 12" Stick

    Gralen Company

  • $629.60

  • Description

    Bravo! Bully Sticks are made from bulls, not steer parts, so they are noticeably larger and provide a long satisfying, healthy all-natural chew. Bravo! buys bullies from grass-fed bulls and dry roasts them in our USDA inspected plant, so we control these bullies for quality, source, size and freshness. Bravo! Bully Sticks are a healthier, safer more digestible alternative to rawhide chews. Dogs typically spend more time eating one of our bullies. Bravo! Bullies do not leave stains on furniture or carpets and they will not splinter, or break up when chewed. Be sure to ask if you are buying a Bravo! Bully for a better value and a better quality chew.

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