• K9 Connectin Granular 12 oz


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    Connectin is one-of-a-kind, natural joint care for pets. Connectin not only contains all three of the essential joint building blocks (glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid), but also includes a patented herbal blend to maximize results - fast. University clinical tests conducted by a leader in veterinary research utilizing state-of-the-art force-plate analysis showed Connectin produced significant improvements in mobility in just 15 days. Connectin is complete support for dogs currently suffering from joint pain due to overuse, age, injury or genetics and powerful joint protection for dogs at high risk for joint problems, including growing giant breeds, small breeds prone to luxating patellas, overweight dogs or active dogs of any size or age. Powder is roast beef flavored and easy to add to your dog's daily meal. Connectin proudly features the NASC Seal of Quality, is made in the USA with human-quality ingredients and is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Connectin's proven formula is also available as a crunchy tablet and soft-chew. Check out Connectin for cats and horses, too! Since 1996, In Clover's specialty has been formulating supplements that produce real results. They combine hard science, social consciousness and the best nature has to offer to help pets live healthier, more vibrant lives. Discover their full line of joint, digestive, skin, urinary tract, weight control, respiratory and dental support supplements.

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