• Kai Bathing Bubbles, 12 oz

    Kai Fragrance

  • $34.95

  • Description

    Bathing Beauty

    Bubbles shouldn't just be whimsical features of a bath, they should work overtime in keeping your precious skin at its very best.Kai's Bathing Bubbles has all the necessary ingredients that will soften and moisturize your skin as you relax in a fragrant bath of bubbles.

    • Moisturizes and cleanses
    • Adds glow
    • Softens skin

    This luxuriously foaming Kai-scented bubble bath blends moisturizing vitamin E-rich argan oil with naturally cleansing coconut and sugar derivatives, leaving the skin soft, supple and glowing.

    Especially suited for: All Skin Types

    Essential elements:Kai's Bathing Bubbles has coconut, Vitamin E and more.

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